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CRM & Sales

With the app „Sales“ you manage your clients, interested parties, opportunities, offers, orders and contracts. Access via app of your Smartphone i.e., tablet on your products i.e., contacts and their telephon numbers, and therefore support your employees and especially the field service.

Under „After-sales services“ a very simple but efficient „Ticket system“ stays at your disposal at the „Customer service“, which can be ideally used for distribution of tasks across the staff.

Manage your „recorded calls“ under „phone calls“ or under „invoicing“, your „creditable periods & material expenses“, which you automatically bring over the „contract management“ to the „billing“ (invoicing).

Under „products“ you manage your items e. i. materials (for warehousing, purchase and sales) as well as the related product variants and categories. Get an overview of your stock, reorder level or your bills of material. See directly in the item master data, how many pieces have already been ordered at the supplier or how many pieces have already been ordered from your customer to you. Are you a manufacturing company , then the system informs you about product-related, future production orders.

Manage purchasing and sales prices, or price lists on individual customer, or supplier prices.


Manage through a Kanban representation your projects with the associated tasks and resources (employees).  

Define project-related cases, assign them to employees, clients, projects, versions and tasks and prioritize them.

Automate billing of the project-related tasks via contracts and pass them automatically to the invoices in the financial module.

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The finance modul manages your customer invoices, customer credits, sales receipts and customer payments, as well as from suppliers side, your incoming invoices, supplier credit, purchase receipt and supplier payments.

Create invoices with a mouse click in your customers language, as a PDF file, and send them automatically via e-mail.

Manage your bank statements and cash registers. Take a look in the postings or create manual accounting records and book on cost centers.

Take a look at your cost plans incl. debit and credit and balance, daily and in real-time, and branch easily by mouse click to the corresponding postings.

The system supports you with the clearing of open items, an automatic dunning, as well as your payment conditions, different currencies and bank accounts.

Create your financial report (sales by account and periods, income statement, balance sheet) and journals. With the finance modul over 50 charts of accounts are delivered. Over the Multi-Company function you optimally manage any number of companies with different charts of accounts, including consolidation in real time.  


With the Purchasing module you manage your suppliers and your quotation requests at suppliers. The offer includes the history of correspondence with the supplier. By confirmation you convert an inquiry into an order.  

Create orders with a mouse click, in the language of your suppliers, as a PDF file, and send them automatically via e-mail.

Post your product additions in the Goods Receipt. Find in a clearly arranged list, all not yet received product deliveries. As soon as you get a shipment, you can simply filter the supplier or the order number. Confirm the access line by line, by clicking the buttons on the right side of the lines.

Perform the invoice control of invoice drafts, order items and delivery notes. In addition to the configuration options of products the purchasing modul manages your supplier conditions, and if necessary, purchase price lists for each supplier.  

Forgive, if necessary, warnings on products or suppliers. Manage different units of measure for products. Use the 'purchase-' or 'average price' to the inventory valuation. Enforce a double order check. Manage individual offers for tenders. Use multiple cost centers at orders and a cost accounting for Purchasing. Manage a Drop shipping business.

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Perform in your warehouse module your inventory management (review and inventory). Increase your efficiency in the inventory by standard support of scanners. In the delivery tracking you manage your inventory transactions and Quants.

In the procurement planning, the wizard checks all reorder rules and calculates this procurement proposals.  

Manage your products according to categories and configure your central warehouse, storage locations, transaction types, reorder points, procurement control, routing and delivery conditions.

Manage without gaps all your created and recorded serial numbers, that were purchased or produced.


Manage your bills of material, production orders, work orders and repair orders in the manufacturing module.

Bills of material enables you to define the necessary components to create a finished product, due to a production order or a product set. The manufacturing module uses bills of material to suggest production orders in accordance with the identified needs.

Production orders are based on bills of material, and require components to create finished products. They are generally suggested automatically by customer orders or by reorder level .

Work orders represent the collection of performed operations for a production order. As soon as you start the first work order to a production order, it gets automatically started with. As soon as you finish the last work operation, the production order is completed as well, and the produced amount recorded as inventory.

With a repair order , the exchanged and repaired components, as well as the time needed to repair , can be captured. Through the warranty date of the serial number it is detected, whether it is a billable repair .  

Manage your products, bills of material and work plans. Configure your resources (working hours and absences), bills of material components, jobs, features as well as feature groups.

The production scheduling supports you in your order planning. Plan your work orders after resources, by means of a graphical planning board.

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The marketing module supports you with bulk mailings and manages your e-mail templates, e-Mail recipient lists and contacts.  

Create electronic surveys on the basis of predefined questions and analyze the results (answers).

The event management helps at the termination and efficient organisation of events: manage your event locations, trap the registrations and participations, automate the e-mail delivery of enrollments confirmation and sell tickets for events via the web shop.

Human Resources

In the human resources module, you can manage your employees and their contracts. In the Recruitment you manage jobs which you publish with a mouse click on the Internet. Online applications via the Internet will appear automatically in the respective jobs incl. resume and cover letter. Manage your candidates according to Kanban, move an application in the Kanban column „cancelled“ and the system automatically sends a personalized „rejection mail“.

Use the time recording for your company and let your employees record their time tracking activities and attendance times by themselves. As soon as the hours slip have been confirmed, they can be summed up weekly and finally be confirmed by a superior. Hours slip can also be settled to the customer, e.g., in relation to corresponding contracts for certain projects.

Use the personal expenses and the vacation management. Let the expense receipts be approved by the superior department head, and refund your employees paid expenses, if necessary, certain expenses will be charged to the customer. Your employees also manage independently their holiday requests and vacation requests and take a look at their personal vacation account.

Manage the gross and net salaries of your employees on the payroll account and connect your payroll with the financial module.

Raise and improve the satisfaction of your employees over the personnel appraisal and employees survey. Each employee can be assigned an individual evaluation procedure.

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POS – Cash register

With the module Point of Sale an easy-to-use and integrated screen checkout is available. The operation takes place via Internet browser, with interrupted Internet connection, the cash registers continues to work offline, and automatically transmits the data in the restored connection.

It is unlimited to define the number of cash registers. Assign different storage locations, sales journals as well as receipt headers and footers for the cash registers. With the cash balance , the right booking automatically takes place in the financial module (if in use).

The cash register is operated via the touch screen, alternatively also via mouse. Edit multiple sales in parallel, assign certain sales to clients i.e., table numbers .


In the Dashboard (score board) you can add all reports which you offen need, i.e. standard reports which were adapted by you. As soon as you change into reporting, request reports will be displayed automatically.

In reporting, a variety of standard reports are offered to you, depending on which modules i.e., authorization you use.

All statistics at reporting, as well as all overviews and lists in the individual modules, are based on the same logic.

Through the function „save current filter“, you can add the current view under a name of your choice to your favorites i.e., the favorites of all user. Under „advanced search“ you can include all fields of the report. About „add to dashboard“, save the current view to your personal dashboard.

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Web page – CMS and Web shop

The module web page is, in terms of content, a fully integratedabw CMS (Content Management System), which makes the design of your websites „easy“. Choose your personal favourites from different „layouts“ and adapt the appearance of the selected layouts to your taste. The bewoci homepage www.bewoci.eu was completely designed in standard and gives you a good overview of the CMS performance.

Under „insert blocks“ (see illustration above: „Icon-bar“) there are the functions „structure“, „content“, functions“ and „effects“ available for the pages design and textual representation. Through „drag & drop“ you pull the desired function on the position of the page. That is how you add in a simple way, among other things, a „banner“, a „text image“, a „wraparound“, a „display board“, a „comparison“ or a „newsletter registration“ in your page.

At the weekly sending of the menu plan, the module Marketing supports you with various templates.

You need your website in another language. Activate in the settings the desired language.  

You already use the module „Sales“, your product range is already defined in the system. Activate the web module „eCommerce“, and already a fully integrated „web store“ is available to you. Customer orders from the „web store“ land automatically in the order management in the module „Sales“ and are treated by the same distribution process, as if your clerk had recognized the orders manually.

Office, e-mail, calendar & file manager

bewoci includes furthe

  • e-mail
  • calendar
  • contacts
  • file manager
  • word processing
  • spreadsheet
  • presentation
  • graphics and database

Text, tables and presentation are compatible with the Microsoft products.

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